100 Days/11 Weeks Project

In April 2019 I took part in the popular 100 Day Project, where the goal is to create one work of art every day for 100 consecutive days. I decided my project would be to step outside my sewing box and paint weird quilt blocks. I had a stack of fancy, little watercolor cards and a box of gouache and every day for 100 days I spent anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour every evening painting a weird little quilt block.

At the end of 100 Days I wanted to keep going so I divided my little paintings into groups of 9 (gotta make that perfect Insta square) and asked my Instagram followers which ones I should turn into real quilt blocks. Each week for 11 weeks I crowdsourced the block I would stitch from each group of 9. To round out the total, I made one block of my own choice.

The 11 blocks and their paintings are shown below. All of the paintings can be seen on my Instagram.

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